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  • Act 2 Holy Freeze Mercenary Guide for Diablo 2 Resurrected

    Posted by wakemeup on October 27, 2023 at 12:05 pm

    The Act 2 Holy Freeze mercenary is one of the most popular mercenaries used by players in Diablo 2 Resurrected (D2R). With the ability to slow down enemies with the Holy Freeze aura, this mercenary provides excellent crowd control and defensive value. This guide provides an overview of how to best equip and utilize the Act 2 Holy Freeze merc in D2R.\

    Base Stats and Skills

    The Act 2 Defensive mercenary starts with a basic Holy Freeze aura that chills nearby enemies, slowing their movement and attack speed. As the mercenary levels up, the effect of the aura becomes more powerful. In addition, the Act 2 mercenary has inherently high defense and resistance, making it naturally tanky.

    Some key stats for the Holy Freeze merc at level 90:

    Life: 1035Defense: 2065Fire Resist: 55Cold Resist: 65Lightning Resist: 65Poison Resist: 60Mercenary Gear Choices

    Outfitting your Act 2 Holy Freeze merc properly is key to getting the most out of it. Here are some of the top unique and runeword item choices for mercenary gear in D2R:

    HelmetsGuillaume’s Face: A popular helm that provides bonuses to Crushing Blow and Deadly Strike for more damage.Crown of Thieves: Grants life leech and has a chance to cast level 15 Dim Vision on striking, which can blind nearby enemies.Tal Rasha’s Horadric Crest: Grants useful resistances, life leech, as well as bonus damage to demons.Rockstopper: An exceptional helm with high defense and damage reduction.ArmorsDuriel’s Shell: Has high cold resist, cannot be frozen, and 20% increased attack speed.Shaftstop: Excellent defensive armor with high damage reduction and resistances.Treachery: Runeword with Fade proc for high resistances and physical damage reduction.Fortitude: Popular runeword with enhanced defense, resistances, and damage bonuses.WeaponsInsight: Runeword grants Meditation aura for mana regeneration.Obedience: Runeword with high damage and Enchant proc for attack rating.Reaper’s Toll: Decrepify proc helps slow enemies down.Gameplay and Tactics

    The Act 2 Holy Freeze merc excels at crowd control thanks to the Holy Freeze aura. The chill effect applies to most enemies, helping to substantially slow down their attacks and movement. This allows you to pick off slowed enemies much more easily.

    Positioning is key – try to place your mercenary in the middle of packs of enemies so that the chilling effect consistently impacts surrounding foes. Enemies that are normally quick such as Fallen may barely be able to move at all under the effect of high level Holy Freeze.

    Reviving the mercenary quickly is also important to maintain Holy Freeze uptime. Many players use D2R runeword items like Insight on their merc weapon for the Meditation aura, allowing you to regenerate mana rapidly to recast Revive. Keep potions handy as well to keep your merc alive.

    Other useful tactics include teleporting into large groups and allowing your Holy Freeze merc to lay down heavy chilling effects before you clean up with your main skills. The more cold/slow synergies you can stack from items and skills, the stronger the chill effect will be.

    Merc Gear Setup Examples

    Here are some example gear configurations for outfitting an end-game level 90 Act 2 Holy Freeze mercenary:

    Budget Setup

    Helm: RockstopperArmor: Treachery runeword in a high defense elite armorWeapon: Insight runeword in an ethereal polearm

    This setup provides strong survivability, mana sustain, and a decent Holy Freeze aura on a budget using runeword items.Defensive Setup

    Helm: Guillaume’s FaceArmor: Fortitude runeword in an Archon PlateWeapon: Reaper’s Toll elite scythe

    Guillaume’s Face boosts leech and damage, Fortitude enhances defense and resistances, and Reaper’s Toll adds chilling effects. A very tanky setup.Offensive Setup

    Helm: Crown of ThievesArmor: Duriel’s ShellWeapon: Obedience runeword in a Thresher

    Crown of Thieves adds leech and blind, Duriel’s Shell increases attack speed and cannot be frozen, and Obedience provides Enchant and strong damage. More offense-oriented.

    Maximizing Your Holy Freeze Merc

    With the right gear and positioning tactics, the Act 2 Holy Freeze mercenary can become an indispensible member of your party in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Its Holy Freeze aura provides immense defensive value, shutting down the movement and attacks of nearby foes. Be sure to choose your merc gear carefully to enhance the chill effects and equip D2R runeword items like Insight or Treachery for added survivability and support.

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